The Week Before the Wedding:Get rid of the top bloat triggers:

The Week Before the Wedding:Get rid of the top bloat triggers:

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canada goose coats Quick and healthy options include a small bowl of warm quick cooking oats topped with berries and a sprinkle of almonds or sunflower seeds, served with a glass of canada goose outlet canada organic skim or soy milk, or a parfait made from organic nonfat Greek yogurt layered with fruit and toasted oats, topped with walnuts.The Week Before the Wedding:Get rid of the top bloat triggers: chewing gum, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, drinking through a straw, eating too fast, skipping meals. All of these make you swallow or retain more air in your GI tract, which can swell like a balloon, giving you a pooch.On the Big Day:You don’t want to pass out on your way down the aisle so be sure to choose a combo of whole grains, lean canada goose outlet vip protein and “good” fat to energize you and keep your blood sugar steady. If you’re nervous nibble on healthy snacks that can add up to a meal, like golf ball sized portions of unsweetened dried fruit and almonds, a mini babybel or string cheese and some whole grain crackers.At the reception canada goose outlet eat before you take that first sip of champagne canada goose coats.

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