And what about all those people who lived before Christ

And what about all those people who lived before Christ

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canada goose Friday natural history: death in the gardenHere an article by John Hick (reference below), a philosopher and theologian, that perfectly epitomizes the problems of theology. Hicks takes up a very good question: if you a Christian, but realize that the vast majority of religious people, including Jews, Hindus, and Muslims, get their faith from their family rather than from free choice among a menu of faiths, then how do you regard those people? After all, they haven been through acceptance of Jesus, and may either go to hell or be denied heaven. And what about all those people who lived before Christ supposedly came on the scene? Will the Incas and Aztecs also burn in hell? That doesn seem fair.. canada goose

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canada goose clearance sale Pretty much all I have to say, except to imparta bit of science history. (Let me add, though, that Weiss claim that evolution was denigrated as a is a canard; evolutionwas accepted pretty quickly after Darwin proposed it, with only religious creationists resisting it. Further,stem cells, superconductors, and the phenomenon of epigenetic inheritance were never, as far as I know, considered look at Weiss that Barry Marshall (and his collaboratorRobin Warren, whom Weiss forgot) were canada goose outlet online for years goose outlet canada the scientific/medical community for suggesting that Helicobacter pylori was a cause of ulcers.Theirsuggestion first appeared in 1983, and in 2005 both researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. canada goose clearance sale

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