Although no two classes are the same

Although no two classes are the same

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Fake Designer Bags Getty ImagesYou know that guy who was ahead of you on the crowded escalator at the department store last weekend the one who suddenly stopped when he reached the top so that you and everybody behind you formed a 12 person pileup against his back and only then did it occur to him that maybe, just maybe, he should move? Yes, that guy. What you really wanted to do was chase him down and beat him insensible with a rolled up newspaper until he admitted that he was too much of a cement head to be out in public without an attendant, right? But you didn chase him down and beat him insensible with a rolled up newspaper until he admitted that he was too much of a cement head to be out in public without an attendant. Why? Turns out it was self control a fact that was confirmed after much dogged research this year in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science Fake Designer Bags.

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